Context anyone?

Generation: X,Knowledge,Studies — Nikolaus Reinelt @ 17:30

Big shouts out to everyone!

As the cold days come by, eyetag is back on the blog. There are a few things coming up soon. First and foremost the blog will need some overdue frontend polishing and a major wordpress upgrade. I’m still figuring out to what extend i will re-design the project. But one thing is for sure: There’s enough fuel to fill the pipes. Certainly we will have some more re-blogging over here in future. Eventually one major benefit of micro media brands and blogs is this very simple function of being a repository for all kind of chunks. From information to irrigation. And sometimes you make it to create valuable context (read also Umair’s noteworhy read on the issue). Um, the role of context and it’s valuation/exploitation in a micro media environment. Maybe I should put up a dedicated section for this one..? Let me think…


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