Web 2.0: Bubble?

Broadcast,Generation: X,Interactive,Knowledge — Nikolaus Reinelt @ 1:27

Michael Arrington of Techcrunch investigates Web 2.0 for it´s bubble characteristics, interviewing startup CEOs and executives.
Participants are Aaron Cohen (Bolt),
Scott Milener and Steven Lurie (Browster),
Keith Teare (edgeio),
Steven Marder (Eurekster),
Joe Kraus (JotSpot),
Jeremy Verba (Piczo),
Auren Hoffman (Rapleaf),
Chris Alden (Rojo),
Gautam Godhwani (Simply Hired),
Jonathan Abrams (Socializr),
David Sifry (Technorati),
Matt Sanchez (Video Egg)
and Michael Tanne (Wink).

Here´s the piece (perfect chance to give a try to Brightcove)


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