Daily Show on lawsuit against Google/Youtube

Broadcast,Generation: X,Interactive — Nikolaus Reinelt @ 14:03

… short and sweet – couldn’t get around it, just to good;!

UPDATE: unsuprisingly the video has been removed from motherload as well as from youtube. here is a copy, case you haven’t seen it yet…

Want to get ‘Joost’?

Broadcast,Generation: X,Interactive,Motionpicture — Nikolaus Reinelt @ 20:00

You want to jump into for the beta test of the next generation TV aggregating service? 2 more available…

The Big Mashup by Sun Microsystems

Broadcast,Generation: X,Interactive — Nikolaus Reinelt @ 11:56

Experts discuss how the net is changing entertainment and news gathering in the Participation Age. Nice visionary summary with statements from Andrew and other drivers of particapatory culture. Check it out!

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